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Tshani Consulting CC is a multi-discipline professional practice that provides consulting services in the fields of town and regional planning, development co-ordination, project implementation and tourism development and facilitation.

Tshani Consulting C.C. provides a personal and comprehensive service, based on experience in a wide range of projects relevant to the needs and aspirations of the area. The company has a policy of affirmative action and dedicates considerable resources to training of staff, empowerment of the management team and a community development approach.

We are a forward thinking company, striving to be different and make a difference by never compromising on the standard and quality of our work. We are able to do this, due to the diverse skills, knowledge and experience of our staff operating within an environment which promotes creativity, originality, innovation and continuous interaction and communication.

Our practice is concerned with the long-term future of our province and identifying opportunities for growth and development so that land can be managed in the best interest of the public. Therefore, we are committed to establishing areas of endless quality and consistent meaning and significance. Central to our practice is the motivation to create and design of areas to bring about effective change in an attempt to boost the livability of settlements, cities and regions.

Our practice also provides support in community development projects utilising a participatory approach to planning and project management.


To be a multi-faceted consultancy at the forefront

of service excellence, driven by innovation


Kreason Naidoo
Close Corporation Member

Jean-Pierre Van Der Westhuizen

Mishka Jalim

Alexis Archary

Reshni Naidoo

Roscoe Del Fava

Pearl Cramford

Yashmille Raghunundan

Siyethemba Ngubane

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